Hanoi Street Food Tour

From: USD $25
Sample delicious Vietnamese cuisine just like the locals do - on the street, Learn all about Hanoi’s unique food culture. Try local specialties with influences...



Whether it’s the hot summer or cool winter, join us on a culinary adventure as we weave our way through the memorable corners of Hanoi. Eating on the capital city’s streets is truly a rewarding experience. Not only will your taste buds be jumping with joy, but you’ll also have the opportunity to experience a pastime that is archetypal of both the city’s culture and the daily lives of the locals. Sit down at any of the countless street food vendors and you’ll be met with delicious food and friendly smiles. After experiencing our Hanoi street food tour, you are going to feel like a local expert on

Our tour guide will greet you at your hotel, and start the walking tour through the Old Quarter’s "36 streets." Here you will visit some of the most famous and renowned stalls, restaurants and shops where local families run their businesses every day. During the tour, you will explore and taste some local dishes exclusive to the Hanoi area. Have a special food requirement? No problem! We cater our tours to your specific needs!

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is over one thousand years old and still retains many of the ancient, traditional flavors that made the area so special. Individual streets were exclusive domains of single trades (guilds), with one street in each area dedicated to blacksmithing, silver shops, paper shops, headstone makers, etc. Originally there were just 36 streets in the Old Quarter, but today there are more than 50 compacted into the small area.

As a visitor, it is quite difficult to find many local foods on your own (as they are tucked away down hidden alleys & sidewalks). The easiest way to find these local, hidden gems is by joining us and taking part in our special gastronomical tour. You will not only learn about the local cuisine, but also Vietnamese customs, culture and language as well.
Our “Food on Foot” tour gives you a unique experience allowing you to try many of the foods of the local Hanoi people. We ensure that the food is handled hygienically and provide a comfortable venue for the delicious tastings. In taking part in our tour, you are not only benefitting your taste buds and stomachs, but also the vendors, restaurants and families that we directly buy from.

You  will return back to our Bella Rosa hotel . Tour Complete! 

City Start: Hanoi Capital.  Duration:   03 hours - Start time 5: 30 PM and Finish 8: 30 PM   


- 25 USD per person for group from 02 to 06 people

- 20 USD per person for group from 07 to 12 people

We would like to express our sincere thanks for considering and (hopefully) choosing to Bella Rosa Hotel and travel. We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of your trip and every corner of our beautiful Hanoi City.


-  Pick up and drop off at Hotel.
-  Hanoi Street Food
-  English speaking local guide.

P/S: Just tell us what you want, where and when you’d like to go, and we will deliver the best options available… your smiles are our success! Happiness, satisfaction and great memories are the three most important things we want our clients have

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